5 Reasons To Hire A Divorce Lawyer

Singapore has seen an increasing number of divorces. With so many legal resources readily accessible online today, it is possible to file for the divorce on your own. However, there are still reasons why hiring a divorce lawyer may be more beneficial.

1. Know what to ask for

Not all divorce cases are the same; some are more complex than others. Expert advice is beneficial in ensuring a fair deal during the divorce, such as spousal maintenance, child custody or the division of matrimonial assets. This will also ensure that the divorce documents involved will be worded clearly and accurately according to your intentions.

Some couples choose to use only one lawyer to draft the papers for both to sign. While it is possible, you must know that the lawyer can only represent the interests of one side. If there is any doubt at all about whether you are getting a fair deal, it is safer to hire your own lawyer.

2. Save time

Another reason to hire a divorce lawyer is the amount of time that you could potentially save, as compared to filing for your own divorce. While it is true that many legal resources are online and the courts are increasingly friendly towards self-litigants, lawyers enjoy the use of special resources. For example, eLitigation is Singapore’s electronic litigation system which lawyers have access to. As court documents can be filed via eLitigation at the law firm’s office, you will not need to take time off to file the documents personally at the bureau counters.

Your lawyer can also handle the administrative tasks, thus saving you a lot of time spent on paperwork.

3. Keep your sanity

Hiring a divorce lawyer will enable you to have more control over where the documents are sent to. With a divorce lawyer, documents and correspondence can be sent to your lawyer’s office instead of your home address. This is especially relevant if you are going through an acrimonious divorce but are still living in the same house as your spouse. Where the issue is highly sensitive, you will want a safe place to access and discuss your legal problems.

4. Deal with family violence

Some family situations have instances of family violence, be it spousal abuse or child abuse. If this is the case, hiring a divorce lawyer will be the best way to protect your interests. The lawyer will be more familiar with the procedures involved to obtain the necessary protection orders during the divorce proceedings.

5. Amicable negotiations

Where you wish to avoid litigation, a divorce lawyer can help parties in coming to a settlement for an uncontested divorce. In negotiation proceedings, the divorce lawyer’s role is to balance both parties’ interests to reach mutually agreed terms. Amidst the emotions that could accompany this process, a lawyer can provide a third-party, objective voice. This will be valuable in helping you obtain a long-term beneficial solution for both yourself and your loved ones.

Most lawyers prefer to reach a settlement with the other side. We even have a case where a lawyer assisted a client in reconciling with the spouse. Given their wealth of experience dealing with relationships, experienced divorce lawyers are well-placed to advise you whichever direction you take.

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