Launches New Online Will-Making Service is launching WillMaker, a new online will-making service for individuals to write their own will without the hassle of visiting a lawyer. is launching WillMaker, an online will-making service for individuals to make a will online without the hassle of visiting a lawyer.

WillMaker is competitively priced at a flat fee of $89 per will, versus the general $300 starting price for will-writing services by lawyers. It is officially available on the platform starting today.

How Does WillMaker Work?

Through answering a series of questions on WillMaker, users can state instructions in their will on:

  • Who should be the executor of their will
  • Who should receive certain specific gifts (e.g. specific sums of money, or specific items)
  • Who should receive the remainder of their assets and in what proportion
  • Who should be the guardian of their children under 21 years old (if any)

Upon completion, users will be able to download a copy of their will in Microsoft Word document format. They may then print it out and sign it in the presence of 2 witnesses to make the will legally valid.

And that’s all there is to it! There is no legal requirement that a will has to be drafted by a lawyer, or that it has to be signed in the presence of one, for it to be legally valid.

Who is WillMaker Suitable For?

WillMaker is ideal for users who have a straightforward distribution of assets in mind, without requiring other legal mechanisms such as setting up a trust.

Users with more customised needs may consider engaging a lawyer through our Find a Lawyer service to tailor a will according to their requirements.

Why Should You Use WillMaker?

As mentioned earlier, it costs about $300 and up to engage a lawyer to draft a will. With that in mind, WillMaker is competitively priced at a flat fee of $89 per will. This flat fee includes unlimited edits and downloads of the will for a period of 1 month.

If a user already has a clear idea of the assets they wish to leave to whom and in what proportions, they may be able to produce the will document in as little as 20 minutes. Make a will online with WillMaker today.